Anchors Away!

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Anchors Away!

With NLP, “anchoring” refers to the process of the association of an internal response with some internal or external trigger so that the response may be quickly reaccessed.  This is a useful NLP for inducting a frame of mind or emotion – relaxation or happiness.  A desired emotion – you would like to recall –

A Resource Anchor is an anchor you can use to boost your confidence, motivate self or get some energy – great way to facilitate personal development and growth – gives you an “on’ switch.

Work with a partner – remember a time when you were elated, happy – good thoughts – you won a competition, a first kiss – or some really good news – a clear, very happy moment.

Tell partner of the story of what happened leading up to it – be vivid, picture it – recall the feeling. Have partner hold left index and middle fingers in your right hand – and gently give their fingers two quick squeezes.  Ask them to make the picture of the happy moment larger, bring it closer to them, and imagine that feeling getting bigger more colorful, closer and multiplying in strength.  Squeeze fingers –

Describe again how you are feeling, what were you thinking at the time – squeeze fingers twice – the clearer you imagine the feeling – the better it works – repeat until you have the described and intensified five times in a row.

You have now laid an anchor – we can later recall this anchor by using the same double squeeze to recall a sense of happiness.

We do this, for conditioning, we are psychologically associated the neural signal of the two squeezes on my left fingers with happy!  Needs to be clear/thorough – known as conditioning.



Resource Anchor – Next up – anchoring goes with the idea that “We already have the resources that we need” – The “resource” here is the memory of the time when you experienced the desired state.  One way is to step into a Circle of Excellence – this is one of the major presuppositions of NLP – that we have all the resources we need – with this we can gather powerful internal states in our unconscious – and call them up as needed – see how resourceful you already are!

Ready, Set, Go –

Use your imagination draw a circle on the ground in front of you – large one – chalk if needed. Within that circle imagine every good thing about yourself, every time you had success, your strengths, positive statements – what colors go with that – sounds, feelings as you put them in the circle you observe from the outside. Now, physically step inside your circle.  Take a breath and feel all that positive energy – see all the positive colors in your minds eye – – close your eyes and enjoy.

When finished – put in your back pocket and carry that circle with you ….



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